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Everyday we wake up and we are a different person than we were the day before. Intellectually, emotionally, and especially PHYSICALLY! Driving in the car, sitting at your desk, going for a walk, all normal everyday activities that all act as external forces on our bodies. The longer you go without addressing these physically altering forces, the more out of whack your body can become!

No two people age in the same way. This is the case for wrinkles that develop on our faces to the pains and injuries we experience in our bodies. The best way to address these issues is to seek a professional assessment!

An assessment from a trained block therapist can isolate your specific stress areas so you can work the program that will help your body.

It may be surprising that posture starts in the feet. Everyone favors one leg (consciously or not) and most people pronate (pigeon toe) or supinate (duck toe).

By identifying patterns in the feet, a therapist can take that information “up the chain” to find bound calves, a twisted pelvis, a collapsed collarbone—all the way up to the top of the head. Everything is connected— by fascia! -- and when one part is out of alignment the whole body suffers.

Block therapy is an ideal way to find your own particular problem spots. Whether you start at the top or the bottom, the whole body will begin to unwind and come back into alignment bringing relief from old injuries and patterns and invigorating every aspect of your life.

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