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Ditch those crunches and use your abs for what they were made to do!

Block Therapy is a system of movement that uses a bamboo block and diaphragmatic breathing to melt through layers of fascia that have accumulated and created adhesions over time.

Pain, fear and stress have caused most of us to breathe shallowly through our chests. The diaphragm is a very powerful muscle in the body that is designed to push air through the lungs. When we use the diaphragm to breathe, the cells receive 600% more oxygen than when we take shallow chest breaths. That means more oxygen to nourish the approximately 100 trillion cells that make up our bodies! And of course when we take deep, full breaths, our heart rate slows and we feel a sense of calm. Diaphragmatic breathing is the essence of meditation.

Proper breathing also heats the body and the organs. When we breathe through the chest, the body is being heated, but it’s like turning on a space heater in your living room. Diaphragmatic breathing on the other hand, is like firing up the furnace and blasting heat through the whole house.

When the body is heated, blood and oxygen flow freely to the organs, lymph is properly recycled, and the fascia that binds us melts, allowing better freedom of movement.

Taking deep, full diaphragmatic breaths also give a continuous core workout. Take a pass on the crunches and use those abdominal muscles or their proper purpose. All of these muscles are designed to work together, but most of us have forgotten how to use them.

Learn how Block Therapy can change your life and reach out to us today! You will receive a COMPLETELY FREE SESSION AND EVALUATION!

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