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What is Block Therapy?

Block therapy is fascia work.  As we age, gravity pulls us down and the fascia, or connective tissue in the body, grips and seals around the bones to keep us upright.

In order to come back into proper alignment we need to unseal the grips of fascia. Block therapy is a system that uses a specially designed block and diaphragmatic breathing to slowly release the fascia and free the tissue so it can migrate back to its proper place in the body.  

Everything in the body is connected.  If one part is out of alignment, the whole body suffers.  

This practice will teach you how to breathe properly and reconnect with your body.  Our bodies are full of pain, but we only become aware of it when it rises to a crisis level.  Practicing on the block teaches how to find your own pain in your own body and treat it before it becomes a problem. 

Blocking is for young people, older people, active people, and sedentary people.  Blocking can help with everything from a headache to scoliosis.  It can slow down and reverse the signs of aging, give you a leaner appearance, and improve the functioning of all your organs.  

Blocking is personal.  You find your own pain.  You discover areas that need work.  Every body is different, and even our own bodies are different on different days.  There is no "result" we are trying to achieve, no perfect pose.  Block therapy is all about you and how you feel, and you learning to listen to your own body and give it what it needs.

What Is Block Therapy
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Our Programs

Our Programs

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Free Starter Stress Reliever Program

All you need is a towel to get started!

Sampler Program
If you enjoyed your free program, you can try the Sampler Program for just $9! This is a stepping stone for those who want to sample the benefits of Block Therapy without diving right in.

Block Therapy Classes

All you need is to buy your blocks and join us for our amazing courses! 

We offer 4 zoom classes a week which are all listed below. 

Please contact us about 1 on 1 and in person sessions.



My mission is to bring the benefits of Block Therapy to Los Angeles.  Blocking is an online program which was started by Deanna Hansen in Canada.  


The international Blocking group is wonderful, but it is a lonely passion here in LA.  I want to start a community right here where we can practice, interact, and grow together.  


Our classes for now will be on Zoom but once this pandemic ends we will be able to meet and practice together.  Let's start  the LA Blocks clan and spread the word!! 

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I was introduced to Blocks in 2020 and became addicted after completing the Starter Program.  Blocking has helped me physically and mentally.  I am able to deal with stress so much better now.  I have learned how to breathe again.  And I know where my body stores stress and accumulates fascia that wears me down, literally and figuratively. 


I became a certified Block Therapy Instructor and am endeavoring to bring this practice to Los Angeles and surrounding areas.  Blocking can help everyone and I want to help as many people as I can.  I am a teacher and I want to teach anyone who wants to learn.  Blocking makes you feel better.  It clears your head and frees your body. I want to help you do that.  The only thing you need is a block.  I envision a community of diverse people of all ages and shapes, with all kinds of restrictions, conditions, and problems, coming together and working together to feel free and unencumbered. 


Let me show you how! 

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These classes are designed for beginner to intermediate blockers.  Follow La-Blocks on Facebook and Instagram for announcements about upcoming intensive workshops!


Contact me for more info, questions, or just to say hi. I can’t wait to meet you!

Saturday AM:    

7:00-7:45: Core           

8:00-8:45: Legs          

9:00-9:45: Arms          

Sunday AM:               

9:00-10:00:   Full body

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