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Your Fascia is My Focus


What is Block Therapy ?

Block Therapy: Fascia Release and Pain Management

Block therapy is a restorative meditative process that targets your body's fascia.  As we age, or through stress and trauma, the fascia, or connective tissue in the body, grips and seals around the bones. While this can help to keep us upright and fight against the effects of gravity - it can also lock us into cycles of pain inhibit weight loss and the body transformation we long to see.

In order to come back into proper alignment we need to unseal the grips of fascia. Block therapy is a system that uses a specially designed block and diaphragmatic breathing to slowly release the fascia and free the tissue so it can migrate back to its proper place in the body.  Everything in the body is connected.  If one part is out of alignment, the whole body suffers.  Blocking can help with everything from a headache to scoliosis and countless types of chronic pain.  It can slow down and reverse the signs of aging, and improve the functioning of all your organs.  

Blocking creates release that often reverses the appearance of aging and gives you a leaner appearance. Often our bodies hold onto weight to compensate for underlying issues. People who block see body transformation. As our bodies come into proper alignment, we feel better, have more energy, mood elevates and stress dissipates. You can see amazing photos of transformations and 90-day-challenge before-and-after photos at our affiliated site

Meditation: Wellness, Stress Relief and Mindfulness

This practice will teach you how to breathe properly and reconnect with your body.  Our bodies are full of pain, but we only become aware of it when it rises to a crisis level.  Practicing on the block teaches how to find your own pain in your own body and treat it before it becomes a problem. Blocking is personal.  You find your own pain.  You discover areas that need work.  Every body is different, and even our own bodies are different on different days.  There is no "result" we are trying to achieve, no perfect pose.  Block therapy is all about you and how you feel, and you learning to listen to your own body and give it what it needs.

Blocking is for anyone who wants to improve their bodies and their lives: young people, older people, active people, and sedentary people.  

I'd Like More Information About Blocking Classes, Therapy and Pain Relief! 

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What Is Block Therapy
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Private Online Sessions!

Start Living Pain Free TODAY!

Contact me and experience how Block Therapy can help you! All you need is a towel to get started.


After your initial assessment, we will put together a program designed just for you. You can free your fascia from the comfort of your own home with online private sessions.  I am based in Los Angeles but you can be anywhere in the world!

Become a master of your own fascia! I will be here for you with anytime support.  

1 Private Session: $60

5 Session Package: $275

10 Session Package: $500

Our Programs

Free Starter Stress Reliever Program

All you need is a towel to get started!

Sampler Program
If you enjoyed your free program, you can try the Sampler Program for just $9! This is a stepping stone for those who want to sample the benefits of Block Therapy without diving right in. Memberships

From Deanna Hansen, the creator of Block Therapy. Click the link and watch a video to preview of the online membership.



Let's Block!  I am trained to assess your fascia.  Let me show you where you are gripping and binding  and explore the best method to unwind that seal so you can come back into proper alignment and live a more balanced and pain-free life.  


Blocking is a process and it takes time and commitment.  You need a teacher who knows your problem areas and can design a program that is personalized to your specific issues.  


I have put together an online program so I can reach you wherever you are.  You and your fascia are my focus and I can provide all the support you need on an individual basis.  



I was introduced to Blocks in 2020 and got hooked after completing the Starter Program.  Blocking has helped me physically and mentally.  I am able to deal with stress much better now.  I have learned how to breathe again.  And I know where my body stores stress and accumulates fascia that wears me down, literally and figuratively. 


I became a certified Block Therapy Instructor so I can help others experience this freedom of mind and body.  Blocking can help everyone and I want to help as many people as I can.  Blocking makes you feel better.  It clears your head and frees your body. I want to help you do that.  The only thing you need is a block.  


Let me show you how! 

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